Parallel Moment - tAd Gallery - DENTON/ TEXAS, USA, October - November 2013

"The project calls for artists from around the globe to collaborate in simultaneously capturing a singular temporal moment that connects different time zones in different locales. (…) Within a one-minute duration at specified times, participating artists will capture their unique perspective, interpretation, and experience in either photographs, prints, digital images, videos, sound recordings, drawings, paintings, or mixed media. Individual artist can choose any subject matter, location, or setting. The work can be spontaneous or random, or they can be contrived or pre-staged. The only requirement is that all artists simultaneously capture that distinct moment at that specified time(s). Subsequent editing can be done to enhance yet preserve the interpretation of the work. The size should be 8″ x 10″ x 8″ or smaller. Videos and sound recordings will be contained within one-minute duration." (source: tAd project call)

Participants at the Parallel Moment on August 31st, 2013 - list of locations and local times 
(source: tAd)

This Moment, Forever
Photography/ digital print, 20 x 25 cm, 2013

When my father was 18 years old he made an attempt to escape from communist Romania. He was arrested and sentenced to 4 years hard labor at the so called death camp from the Danube-Black Sea Canal. Many years later, with his health and all hopes for a better future destroyed, he finally managed to emigrate to Canada. He never talked about the past and his last wish was that we spread his ashes in the Pacific Ocean.
It is said that water is eternal. That it has it’s own memory and it carries the thoughts and prayers of all those who have their image reflected in it. I like to think that all the waters of this earth carry my fathers prayers for a better life, my image as a happy child holding his hand, his ashes, the lights and the shadows of each moment, forever.
This work is dedicated to my father and to all those whom we loved and who are no longer with us.

The photos for this work were taken on the Bega Canal in Timisoara/ Romania on August 31st, 2013:

 Making of: on the Bega Canal

More about the event and participating artists: http://www.tadgallery.org/?page_id=409  

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