"The Schöberlinie - A Bunker Line in the Border Area Saxony-Bohemia", Czech Republic, May 2018

Tilo Schwalbe, Anna Ansorge, Holger Wendland, Simon Wolf (DE)
Emílie Mrazíková, Eva Pacalová, Josef Málek (CZ)
Renée Renard (RO)

Organizer: Holger Wendland, Kultur Aktiv (DE)

Works from the One Hundred Lives Journey were exhibited on the Schöberlinie in Bunker: M1/30 (marked with a red frame), with following coordinates: 50,8166980, 14,6562480
They will remain in the bunker forever, until they will be destroyed by time and weather.

 image source: partisanen 8 catalogue

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