"Awareness" - Central Station Strasbourg, France - May 16th, 2015

I was happy to see that one of the two works I have sent to the "Awareness" open call was selected to be the poster for the opening of the event.

Never the same Moment
In the last 5 years the main theme of interest in my artistic creation was memory analysis, interpretation and reconstruction. Never the same moment is a double self-portrait and self-analysis based on two photos shot at a distance of almost 30 years. It puts side to side and compares my perceptions and reactions to the world and how the world reflects and is translated in my feelings, then and now. I was in the Gare de Strasbourg, in December 1989, when I heard the news that the Revolution in Romania has succeeded. Suddenly, everything around me was extremely vivid and I had a feeling of consciousness and happiness I never experienced before. There, in the Gare de Strasbourg, a place where all journeys start and all roads cross, I decided to return to Romania. In time, the world has changed and we all have changed... leading to the nostalgic blue that I perceive now.

 Never the same Moment
photography - diptych
30 x 40 cm
digital print

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