PREMIO MURANO 2013 - Scuola del Vetro Abate Zanetti, Murano/ Italy - December 16th to December 22nd, 2013

The Abate Zanetti Glass School in Murano/ Italy, in collaboration with the Association for the Study and Development of the Culture of Murano organized the Premio Murano 2013. The aim of the Premio Murano is to promote the tradition of Murano glass, bringing together contemporary designers and Murano glassmakers. This prestigious international competition was organized for the first time in 1984 and was held until 1991. It started again in 2012, after a 21 years break. 

As a general rule, the competition takes place in four phases, respecting the anonimity of the participants. In 2013, in the first phase 274 designers from all over the world presented anonymously their projects, out of which a panel of judges selected 30 works to be reproduced in glass. My project The 3 Post-Nuclear Graces and Ciprian Chirileanu’s Rain Cube were among the 30 projects selected in the second phase. In the third phase the Murano glassmakers (also anonymously) choose from the selected works those they intend to make in glass and in phase four the panel of judges assigned the prizes to the artists and glassmakers, their identities being finally revealed. 
Project submitted anonymously: The 3 Post-Nuclear Graces
My project The 3 Post-Nuclear Graces has been selected by two different glass-masters to be reproduced in glass: Flavio Fuga (independent glass artist) and Riccardo Della Gagnoletta (from Vetreria Artiz Murano). In the end Flavio Fuga (glass master) and I (design) received the Premio Murano 2013 for the Fusing section. 

The two different vision of The 3 Post-Nuclear Graces

Project realised by Riccardo Della Gagnoletta (from Vetreria Artiz Murano)

Project realised by Flavio Fuga (independent glass artist) for which the two of us 
received the Premio Murano 2013 - Fusing Section

Details of The 3 Post-Nuclear Graces

The Abate Zanetti Glass School, established in 1862

The Abate Zanetti Glass School Main Hall, December 17th, 2013

Awards Ceremony Premio Murano 2013

Announcing the winner of the Premio Murano 2013 - Fusing Section
for design and glass work

Meeting Flavio Fuga, the glass maestro

With Flavio Fuga, talking about his amazing vetrofusione technique

The happy winners

With Fiorella Corsi, sculptor from Rome, winner of the Lampworking Section

The Premio Murano also has a Junior section for school-children and a non-competing, VIP section. At the 2013 VIP section participated, among others, the London stylist Vivienne Westwood, the italian actor and writer Alessandro Gassmann, the japanese glass artist Hiroko Ueki, the Israelian artist Dror Eshed.

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